Header Installation Instructions

One of the more important aspects of successful header installation is that the proper procedure be followed to insure longevity of the gaskets.

For trouble-free sealing, you must first be certain the gasket is made with material that will withstand the extreme heat to which it is subjected. Header gaskets are a prime example of "you get what you pay for".

If cost is a major factor when selecting gaskets, you may be buying yourself some grief. Doug's Headers uses only the best raw materials in the manufacturing of gaskets supplied with their headers. Using Doug's gaskets will insure trouble free installations.

The next most important factor for leak-free operation is the way that the header gasket is installed. It is very important to follow the installation instructions when installing the gaskets.

The steps to follow are:

  • Install headers and gaskets and tighten bolts tight.
  • Run engine and allow the headers to get hot.
  • Shut the engine down.
  • While the headers are still hot tighten the header bolts again.
  • Operate the vehicle for 200 to 300 miles.
  • While the headers are still hot tighten the bolts one more time.

If this procedure is followed, the header bolts should remain tight and the gaskets should last for many years. Checking the bolts once a while is a good idea - just make sure that everything remains tight.