Pypes Performance Exhaust Sponsorship

Pypes Performance Exhaust is currently looking for cars to carry the Pypes logo. We are looking for several cars for each category of racing as well as street cars to represent us in your local area. So if you have a stock vehicle you can still qualify for sponsorship.

Please download our Sponsorship Application. You must read and complete the entire application for consideration.

Pypes Performance Exhaust is a proud sponsor of Rich Christensen’s 2009 ArmDrop Live Tour. ArmDrop Live hosts events at Race tracks across North America where cars, sleds, ATV's and bikes, literally, race against each other for cash. It's all the fun and excitment of Speed channel's Pinks All Out, without the annoying camaras holding up the action. Pypes provided the Tour with a fully loaded trailer so they can cruise across North America, hosting full days of family "FUN" racing at tracks near you.

Pypes Exhaust Sponsored Cars

Pypes Exhaust is a proud sponsor of John Gaydosh Jr.'s 2007 ProStock GTO.

Pypes Exhaust is proud to sponsor
Paul Spotts and his Pontiac powered Nostalgia 7.14 second dragster

Dan Bott's Hot Street Class 1995 Mustang. He's started out the season with a strong win at the PSCA California Nationals at the Auto Club Dragway in Fontana, California. His best time at that event was 8.493@162.29

John Langer's NMCA Pro-Stock class 1969 Pontiac Trans Am.

Marlin Spotts added a Pypes Nova System to his '70 Nova Yenko.

He had this to say about his next trip to the track:
"I was not sure what to expect from the new Pypes, but after 4 years of wittling it down from mid 17's to 14.2x's, I was hoping to get into the 13.9x's. I was completely shocked with my first (and best) run, right off the trailer of a 13.505 @ 104.11mph!!! That is an ET improvement of <.747> and an MPH improvement of 5.19!!"

Wayne Garrison's 9 second '69 Judge sports a Pypes 3.5" X-pipe and pair of 3.5" RacePro Mufflers.

Blue Oval Industries’ 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT

Chris Casperson's 2003 Mustang Convertible features Pypes shorty headers, Pypes catted X and Violator Cat back.

Milt Schornack's famous Royal Bobcat recreation. This car was notoriously fast on Woodward and at tracks up and down the east coast. It was also featured on the Cover of Car Craft magazine. This car features fully ceramic coated Pypes System.

Bill Bolin's double Blower 1970 GTO Street Rod features a full exhaust system, Pypes 3.5" Race Pro Mufflers and has been a crowd favorite at many shows up and down the east coast.

Robyn and John Geiser's 1997 Mustang regularly runs an 11 second 1/4 mile with a Pypes Beast X-pipe and Violator Catback system.

Pype's President Chris Casperson's supercharged customized 2005 Mustang show car' was featured at the 2005 SEMA event and received acclaim througout the 2006 season at various conventions and shows' It features a fully ceramic coated Pypes Beast package with off road X-pipe and Violator Axle Back exhaust.

Ray Cox's 1977 TA 8 second nitrous screamer

The car that started it all! Owner Chris Casperson's 1st Pypes Mustang was taken to shows and started up 100's of times. It wasn't a big dollar car, but boy did it sound good!

Pypes Exhaust Sponsored Events

Pypes Exhaust - Title Sponsor

Pypes Exhaust - PRO Class Sponsor

Norwalk Pontiac Nationals 2008

Pypes Exhaust ran a contest for racers attending the 2008 Norwalk Pontiac Nationals. Here are the racers we chose to receive the special Pypes Sponsor Packages we created for that event. Here are our sponsored cars:

Dil Brandow raced his 1966 GTO.

Pontiac Heaven X

Pypes Exhaust again sponsored the 11th annual Pontiac Heaven Race Weekend in Arizona on April 4-5, 2009. This event includes a show, swap, drags, party and all around good time. Pictured on the left is Chris Couttes and his 79 Trans Am. Chris was the winner of the Pypes Exhaust prize package which included a pair of Pypes RacePro mufflers and a $400.00 gift certificate. Congratulations Chris!

Pypes Exhaust was a sponsor of the 10th annual Pontiac Heaven Race Weekend in Arizona on April 5-6, 2008. It was a great weekend of Pontiac racing and always loads of fun. Pictured to the right is the winner of the Pypes Exhaust Prize pack, Seth Levy and his son of Tucson, AZ. As this year's winner, he took home a Pypes 3.5" RacePro Muffler and X-pipe Kit.