Shows & Events


Pypes Exhaust is doing everything we can to make sure customers and staff stay safe at these events. Out an abundance of caution, staff will be wearing masks along with signage posted as a reminder. We do ask that you wear a mask or keep a reasonable distance when in our booth as we are subject to the same restrictions as regular retail business's. We will do our best to keep this schedule updated.

See a Pypes Exhaust dealer at the following shows:

2022 Show Schedule

***Updated 1/12/2022***

*** Check back frequently as the schedule is subject to change because of Covid. ***


Show Dates
Spring TRR 3/25-3/27
Spring Charlotte 4/7-4/10
Spring Pigeon Forge 4/7/4/10
Spring Carlisle 4/20-4/24
Spring Jefferson ? 4/22-4/24
OCMD 5/19-5/22
GTOAA 6/28-7/2
NSRA Nationals 7/15-7/17
Norwalk 8/12-8/14
Syracuse 8/12-8/14
TRI Five Nationals 8/11-8/13
Pigeon Forge Jeeps 8/25-8/27
Fall Charlotte 9/8-9/11
Fall Pigeon Forge 9/15-9/17
Fall Carlisle 9/28-10/2
Fall Moultrie ? 11/18-11/19
Fall TRR 11/23/11/28