"car was bought just over 20 years ago. original owner had lost interest in the car and was sitting in a carport for years until I stumbled upon it thanks to my dad who had originally spotted the car. had original paint, interior and mechanical fully restored the body including removal of all bumpers,doors,etc to have painted by good friend of mine at a gm dealer back in 2003 including reinstalling original gm stripes and emblems along with cleaning of all interior panels,seats and freshening up with new interior carpet and headliner which was done by me replaced sound system with a more updated am/fm cd player with dual amps,subs,mids and highs(back in 2003) which sound great even by todays standards. custom built 4l60 transmission with the help of Dana at probuilt automatics out of Calimesa, California and Ray sanchez from Mister Transmission out of Toronto, Ontario Canada the decision was made to build a 3800 v6 for the Camaro after being introduced to Kevin at cartuning performance and purchasing one of his grand prix fwd turbo kits for my back then 97 grand prix gtp. I was so impressed at the performance level we were able to achieve on the grand prix after he tuned it , that I decided if I was to replace the motor in the Camaro, I would build a 3800 and turbo charge it instead of swapping a LS motor like every one else was. not only would it be different and unique , but lighter ,better on fuel and better handling with an almost 50/50 weight distribution. and so back on 2008, that is exactly what I decided to do. so I pulled the motor and transmission out and sourced a wrecked 1998 base Camaro which already had a 3800 v6 automatic from the factory, I striped the motor and transmission out along with all the electronics,sensors,wiring, computers, mounts,everything that i thought i would possibly need,so I had a donor car and wasn't running around trying to source parts later down the road. The motor was torn down and freshened up by myself , ported and polished the heads,custom ground camshaft and matching valve springs,along with mls head gaskets and arp bolts and double roller timing chain and gears. the design and fabrication for the turbo hot and cold side were all done by me. chose to run one of mishimotos massive intercoolers all tucked away nicely without cutting into the structure of the original car and running a borg warner turbo. the fuel system including the lines,fittings, regulator and pump were all supplied by Jack at racetronix dyno and fine tuning performed by Kevin at cartuning performance custom turbo downpipe along with y-pipe was fabricated and installed by Corry at Hot rod scott's in Toronto , and the best for last, complete 3" stainless steel exhaust along with cutouts supplied by Joe at Pypes performance exhaust. we are still in the tuning stages and are estimating HP to fall in the range of 600-700 rear wheel horsepower on 28lbs of boost and alky on pump gas. Keep you posted with dyno numbers once done. special thanks go out to my wife and 2 boys for pushing me to finish what I had started back in 2008 before the kids came into the equation and for my wife for not nagging me to sell it (lol) ." -Gus Katsavos