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Terms & Conditions

This agreement, between Pypes Exhaust and the undersigned is made for the expressed purpose of authorizing retail sales of Pypes Exhaust products through the undersigned’s business entity. These sales are to be conducted in a lo - calized manner and should conform to generally accepted good and principled business practices. Your business will receive a discount of ____% off of our Jobber price schedule. By accepting the status of Authorized Dealer of Pypes Exhaust products, the undersigned states and verifies that their business entity conforms to the following requirements and agrees with the following terms and conditions.

  1. The undersigned operates a legitimate retail business and sells or provides automotive products or services.
  2. The undersigned operates a business that has: an actual physical location and address; an actual telephone listing; appropriate business licenses; and a respectable credit history.
  3. The undersigned’s business entity is situated in a geographic area that will support competitive selling of Pypes Exhaust products or is in a location not currently supported by a Pypes Exhaust Authorized Dealer.
  4. A $10.00 drop ship fee will be applied to each drop shipped order for all dealers.
  5. The undersigned will not pursue advertising or promotional activities that portray Pypes Exhaust products in a way that is inconsistent with or contrary to the advertising and promotional standards of Pypes Exhaust. A reseller may not use, at any time, for any purpose, advertising tactics or methods, which are detrimental to the image or perceived value of Pypes Exhaust products.
  6. The undersigned will not sell or advertise Pypes Exhaust products on any Internet address other than their primary business address unless given prior approval from Pypes Exhaust. Authorized Dealers who do not maintain the aforementioned standards and practices will have the delivery of Pypes Exhaust products discontinued and terminated.
  7. Authorized Dealer shipments will be Credit Card for the first 90 days of our business relationship. Dealers may request a credit application for account terms after this initial period (90 days).

Upon providing a 30 day written notice, Pypes Exhaust reserves the right (for any implied or explicit reason) to render this agreement null and void. Pypes Exhaust retains the option of repurchasing all or any portion of the Authorized Dealer’s remaining inventory (at the original cost at time of shipment) upon the termination of the relationship between parties. Without notice, Pypes Exhaust reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Pypes Dealer Agreement PDF (Right click, "Save As...")If you prefer to fax in the agreement you can do so by printing out this document.