Pypes Equipped Fords » 1967 Shelby GT350

This real Shelby GT350 has a 700HP Dual quad 427 sideoiler stroked out to a 482 with a Tremec, 13” rotors and fully adjustable coilover suspension. It has full 3” stainless exhaust run out the back thru the jungle gym of suspension with Pypes Exhaust Y pipes and cutouts. I was able to make the cutout switch fit into the cigarette lighter so it is completely concealed in the ash tray. It has a one off billet 2” blower style cog belt pulley arrangement which gives it a nice whine. The car won Gold at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, First in class and Best of Show at the Autobahn Shelby and Mustang show and takes a trophy anywhere I bring it. Also, this car was built from a shell with no floors on jack stands in my garage in 3 months and completed just hours before the MCACN show.